iPad 5 Rumors: Tablet to Feature Anti-Reflection Coating, Making It Better in Sunlight

The iPad 5 will feature an anti-reflection coating and UV absorption material that will make its display more visible while in the sun.

Apple filed a patent for the technology last Friday. A special film will go on top of the iPad display during the manufacturing process to reduce glare and provide for a better experience outdoors with the tablet.

It is described as a "UV Mask with Anti-Reflection Coating and UV Absorption Material" in the patent. To see the pictures featured in the document click here.

Various third-party companies have already released products that have the ability to reflect glare on the iPad. However, installing a feature like this in the factory will make it function more efficiently.

Pictures of the next-generation iPad's front panel leaked towards the end of last month.

The photos showed a device that matches up with the current rumors that point to the new tablet featuring a similar design to the iPad mini. They were released by Australian writer Sonny Dickson.

Pictures of the tablet's silver rear shell was shown in other leaked pictures that show the device with a silver casing and are consistent with a previous report that stated that the next-generation full-sized iPad will feature the same touch panel technology as the current iPad Mini.

Apple suppliers have confirmed that the company is using the same technology in order to make reductions to the weight and size of the tablets, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The new iPads are also expected to use the mini's film-based touch panel. This will replace the glass layer in the previous iPad models and will reduce the thickness and weight.

What people interpret to be a normal screen is actually multiple layers that consist of touch sensors between the liquid-crystal display and the outermost cover glass. The iPad mini uses this film-based touch panel that is thinner and lighter than the glass-based touch panel found on the fourth-generation iPad.