iPhone 5 Enters Into Production, Apple Readies Device for Fall Release?

The next-generation iPhone has entered into production, according to a recent report.

The Japanese website Macotakara.cited reliable Chinese sources for the information. These same sources provided the site with accurate information pertaining to the third-generation iPad at the end of last year, stating that the tablet would enter into production in Jan. 2012.

Two months after that news, the third-generation iPad was released. This means that if Macotakara's sources are correct this time around, than the next-generation iPhone will be launching in September of this year.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that the iPhone 5 would enter into production in June. This is another sign pointing to either an October or September release for the smartphone.

Pictures surfaced last week that could be a prototype model of the new iPhone 5.

The KitGuru website that posted them claims that these photos of the device are a test assembly unit and were taken somewhere in the Far East.

The images feature an iPhone that has a longer body than the current version that also can support a larger display.

They also show off the new connector that is expected to debut on the next generation iPhone, and this part will not work with the current model without some sort of adapter.

Chinese retailers are already offering pre-orders for the iPhone 5.

A website known as TaoBao is giving Apple fans the opportunity to reserve the device on a page that displays mock-up pictures and purported technical specifications for the new device.

TaoBao is China's largest e-commerce platform. It lists the new smartphone at the astronomical price of $8599.00.

The next-generation iPhone will run iOS 6 and go up against Samsung's highly successful Galaxy S3 when it finally is released.