iPhone 5 Photos Leaked From Apple?

Many publications were posting up what they thought were actual photos of the next-generation iPhone.

However, these pictures were actually 3D renderings created by a Flickr user named Martin uit Utrecht and they were modeled in Rhinoceros 3D. Their appearance was so close to the real thing that many sites deemed them good enough to publish, thinking that they were actual shots of the next-generation iPhone.

The renderings were created based on the images of the next iPhone's back cover that were leaked by various manufacturers of the device.

The creator of the model in the picture noted that he based it on the leaked component pictures as well as the video of the back plate that also recently surfaced. These models also have some of the rumored features of the next-generation iPhone built in to them including a smaller dock connector, redesigned speaker grills, and a repositioned headphone jack.

The video that shows what could be the back plate for the next-generation iPhone leaked last week.

Back in May, high resolution photos of both black and white next-generation iPhone back plates appeared on various tech sites. The backs in the images and in the new video showed a new, thinner design for the iPhone with a smaller dock connector, new speaker grills, and a new metal back plate.

The video of the new component was posted up by a parts reseller known as ETradeSupply. The company gives a hands-on demonstration of the iPhone part.

Other discoveries can be made in the video regarding the new iPhone including a new unibody-integrated approach for the antenna band and back portions of the device, along with a relocated headphone jack now at the bottom. It is also longer, which shows that the next-generation iPhone will most likely feature a larger display.