iPhone 5 Release Date: What Ever Happened to the iPhone 2?

Apple has enjoyed much success with its legendary iPhone.

The company entered into the smartphone market in 2007 with the original version of the iPhone which solidified Apple’s place in the mobile market and sparked a new demand for high-functioning multi-purpose devices.

The first iPhone was a GSM device meaning it operated on a 2G network. Once the 3G network was announced Apple followed up its original smartphone with the iPhone 3G in 2008.

The iPhone 3G added the new cellular network and A-GPS location.

After that device, Apple then took to updating a few features including incorporating a faster processor, adding a compass and giving the device a higher resolution camera capable of filming 480p video.

These upgrades lead to the iPhone 3GS which was released in 2009.

Finally in 2010, Apple beefed up its next iPhone model which was to be named the iPhone 4. This new iPhone 4 which was released in the summer of that year and featured two cameras, including one in the rear capable of shooting video in 720p and another in the front used primarily for Skype and the new FaceTime video calling feature.

Apple is expected to debut the next generation iPhone at its October 4 media event.

The name of it has not been confirmed.

Some experts predict the smartphone to be called the iPhone 4S, others are labeling it as the iPhone 5.

No matter which name the company chooses, one thing is certain, Apple does not issue names based on chronology, since it jumped from iPhone to iPhone 3G.

Another possible name that Apple can use is the iPhone 2 which is a number the company seems to have completely skipped over.

Now it is unlikely that this will actually happen, but iPhone 2 could be brilliant for marketing since the rumored fifth generation version is expected to look more like the original iPhone than the current model.

The iPhone 3G name derived from the new network the phone would run on, but since the next step as far as service is concerned is 4G, Apple can call the new device the iPhone 2 without having to worry about using 5 to relate it to a 5G service.

The iPhone 2 could have been a model Apple chose to scrap, or could be in the works for the future.

The details on the company’s next smartphone should finally be revealed next week.