iPhone 5 Unlocked Release Date Coming in Oct.

The iPhone 5 unlocked release date will most likely be in Oct., according to Apple.

The company launched the iPhone 4S in Oct. of last year and had an unlocked version available the very next month. This means the wait for the unlocked iPhone 5 should not be that long.

There have also been reports that the iPhone 5 unlocked release date will take place several weeks after the device launches on contract. This also points to an Oct. release date for the company, and Apple waiting any longer just would not make any sense considering all their customers on T-Mobile who can only operate the unlocked version.

T-Mobile reported last year that the carrier has over 1 million iPhone users and that it welcomed customers from other networks to come over to T-Mobile and bring their unlocked iPhones with them. With the unveiling of the iPhone 5, T-Mobile was once again left out of the Apple smartphone game mostly due to the carrier's LTE network not being ready.

The price of the unlocked iPhone 5 has already been announced for certain areas of the world.

The smartphone will be available unlocked with Global 4G LTE support and with 3G HSPA+ support. The official prices for the unlocked version are as follows.

The SIM-Free 16GB version will retail at £529 in the U.K. Pre-orders for the unlocked model will start on Sept. 14 and it will be shipped in October.

The European unlocked model will cost €679 with pre-orders starting Sept. 14. It will be shipped in October as well.

The U.S. unlocked iPhone 5 will be released on Sept. 21 with pre-orders beginning Sept. 14. The 16GB model will retail for $849, 32GB for $949, and the price for the 64GB model has not yet been announced.

All the unlocked models should be available directly through Apple's online store once pre-orders begin.