iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Picture Leaks Revealing New Battery and Redesigned Logic Board

New images surfaced this week of what could be either the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6.

Several things found in the images point to the device being a next-generation Apple smartphone including the battery and the appearance of the recently leaked new logic board.

This board is an exact match to the one that showed up in leaked images earlier this week. It features the slightly narrower profile and a new layout for connectors and other components.

The main chip on the logic board does not feature a label pointing to it being something different that the A6 found on the iPhone 5. A date code on the chip reads "1243" which indicates that is was manufactured in the 43rd week of 2012 in late Oct. This means it could be a very early prototype of the device, as that date seems to be a bit early for the next-gen model.

The battery on the device carries a more recent Apple Part Number of 616-0652 showing that it is not the same component found on the iPhone 5. It also appears to have a higher capacity of 5.92 Whr, in comparison to the 5.45 Whr capacity found on the iPhone 5's battery. There are also blank boxes printed on it where logos would normally be. This also suggests that the device could be a prototype.

The rear shell features a vertical pill-shaped window for the LED flash instead of a round window. This supports recent rumors pointing to the device featuring a dual LED flash for the iPhone 5S. This same pill-shaped window was shown on the case drawings that leaked earlier this week.

Apple is expected to launch the next generation iPhone along with a low-cost model in the fall.