Is He a Good Shepherd?

 A Christian author claims that husbands are "dropping the ball" when it comes to shepherding their families' prayer lives, but not all Christian leaders agree that the man should be the spiritual leader of the home.

"My wife shared her heart with me, and said, 'I feel like you have failed me.' The weight from spiritual and emotional battles were falling on her shoulders alone," Sam Ingrassia, Columbia strategy leader for ministry group e3 Partners, told The Christian Post in an interview on Friday.

Ingrassia believes that praying through Scripture can empower men to lead their wives rightly, which is something he talks about in his new book, Just Say the Word. The book, complete with a reading program on YouVersion's Bible App, gives men tools on how to pray through Scripture with their wives.
Mimi Haddad, president of Christians for Biblical Equality, told CP in a recent interview that husbands should not take an exclusive position of spiritual leadership in their marriage.