Is the Man Who Attempted to Assassinate Obama a Christian? (VIDEO)

Police have charged Oscar Ortega-Hernandez with attempting to assassinate the President of the United States, following an investigation of a bullet hole that was found in the window pane of one of the windows of the White House.

 Is the Man Who Attempted to Assassinate Obama a Christian?

The bullet was found by the U.S. Secret Service after it pierced through a window pane and was stopped by a second pane of bullet proof glass

Authorities had been trying to pin point when the bullet was fired and speculated if it might have been the result of an incident on Friday, Nov. 11, when shots were reportedly heard in the vicinity of the National Mall.

It is reported that a second bullet was found at the exterior of the White House, according to the Secret Service, who is investigating the shots.

Police received an early break in the case after they discovered an unoccupied vehicle, which held an AK-47 assault rifle, and found parked near the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge and Lincoln Memorial.  

The discovery of the vehicle, and information stored within it, resulted in the issuance of an arrest of Oscar Ortega-Hernandez. Following a manhunt, Ortega-Hernandez was arrested Wednesday in Indiana, Penn.

According to, in a video filmed in September of 2011, at Idaho University, in which he appeared to discuss religious philosophy, “Ortega-Hernandez claimed to be the second coming of Christ.”

It is unclear as to what church denomination Ortega-Hernandez belonged, or ,despite his claims, even if he is  a Christian, for, despite political or religious disagreements, would a Christian attempt to assassinate  the president?

According to the Los Angeles Times, the family of Ortega-Hernandez claimed he was obsessed with Obama and referred to the president as a Devil who ought to be taken care of.

If convicted of the charges against him, Ortega-Hernandez could serve life in prison.