Unlikely Allies in the Fight Against ISIS

A national atheist group has joined the effort to convince President Barack Obama to designate the Islamic State's persecution of Christians and other minority groups in the Middle East a "genocide."

The Center for Inquiry, a national nonprofit atheist group, joined the International Religious Freedom Roundtable in asking the Obama administration to properly label the atrocities committed by the Islamic State.

Michael De Dora, director of public policy at the Center for Inquiry, told The Christian Post on Thursday that there are several reasons why his group has chosen to support the International Religious Freedom Roundtable.

"As a organization driven by humanist values, CFI believes that the right to freedom of conscience is a fundamental and universal liberty — including the rights to freedom of religion, belief, thought, and expression. We strive to protect these rights for all individuals and groups, especially those facing threats or violence," De Dora, who also serves as the United Nations representative for his group, told CP.

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