Jedi Kitten Video: Cat Uses Forces to Levitate Goldfish (CLIP)

A new Jedi cat has hit You Tube, this one using the power of the force for evil- and dinner of course.

The Jedi kitten has taken You Tube with a force. In a minute-and-a-half video, the cat is seen performing impressive tricks, most of which revolve around torturing the cat's apparent owner. In the first scene, the cat manages to turn his owner's car into reverse with the swipe of a paw.

The second scene appears more dangerous, as it risks the life of a goldfish. Using an intense feline stare, the cat forces the goldfish to levitate outside of its bowl. But the owner, who catches the cat with the fish in midair, forces the feline to stop. After the fish plops back in the bowl, the cat turns his stare on his owner, forcing him to levitate instead. The owner give a quick look of panic and throws his hands around his neck.

Another paw swipe has the owner dropping to the ground, followed by an angry meow.

Girls appeared to be swooning over not only the cat, but the owner as well.

"The Kitten and the maker of the film are both cute :o) Nice video," one user wrote on the Daily Mail blog. "He has great talent this one."

"Very clever. And his owner's cute!" a second user added.

Of course this cat is not the first Jedi kitten. A number of other Jedi kitten videos exist on YouTube, most usually involving the Jedi sword.