Jenelle Evans Files Assault Charges Against Husband After Miscarriage Scare

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(Photo: Twitter/Jenelle Evans)'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans will not divorce husband Courtland Rogers after a Twitter fight.

Jenelle Evans has reportedly filed assault charges against her husband of two months, Courtland Rogers, following a series of recent Twitter rants that suggest that the pair is headed for a divorce.

The "Teen Mom" star, who is currently expecting her second child, appears to have had her world turned upside down in the space of a week. On Jan. 17 the reality TV star, who has been embroiled in ongoing drug scandals and legal woes over the past year, tweeted her joy after announcing her pregnancy but by the weekend, Evans was hurling abuse at Rogers, 24, and facing a potential miscarriage.

"They are the highest level of misdemeanor you can get. [Courtland] faces a maximum 150 days in jail per charge. She was physically assaulted over a period of time," Evans' attorney, Dustin R.T. Sullivan, told E! News. "She will be a victim in the case and will be represented by the State of North Carolina."

On Jan. 23, less than one week after the tumultuous couple dismissed reports of a divorce, Evans, 21, went on a Twitter tirade and characteristically tweeted her dirty laundry.

"I am getting a divorce, ASAP. YOU F------ LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIAGE?! F--- U, U F------ PIECE OF S---," Evans tweeted.

Evans is currently seven weeks pregnant with Rogers' child, and her recent threats of a divorce appear to be taking a toll on him.

"I think I just lost it all!!!!! I swear to god I am depressed as f--- I need my wife in my arms telling me everything is gonna b okay :(." Rogers tweeted later. "She deserves somebody better!! A guy with a job a house and the perseverance to b anything they wanna be I'm a piece of s--- and I now know!"

The troubled reality star is now bizarrely seeking comfort in her former fiance Gary Head. He was arrested in June for allegedly assaulting her.

"Jenelle said that she needed a place to like, hide … She told [her mom] Barbara [Evans] today that she was coming here and even Barbara approved of it," Gary explained to viewers on Stickcam. "Barbara was like, 'I think that's great."