John Travolta Lawsuit: First Accuser Speaks About Evidence

John Travolta's first accuser has spoken out about newly emerged evidence that could finally prove the actor's innocence.

Two masseurs identified as "John Doe #1" and "John Doe #2" filed lawsuits against Travolta, alleging that they were both sexually assaulted in separate incidents back in January. John Doe #1 has spoken out about the evidence which Travolta's attorney Marty Singer claims is proof that Travolta is innocent, according to Radar Online.

"Too often these matters are decided by swaying public opinion through elements that would never be considered in an actual court case. For instance, a photograph, a restaurant receipt, testimony, and other things that may or may not constitute proof have strict guidelines that must be followed," John Doe #1 said in a statement.

"In consideration of that, I ask the public to not judge anyone, and allow all parties to work things out in a respectful and dignified manner ... Despite the circus that celebrity matters seem to spiral into, we should grant all parties involved a wait-and-see attitude, and wait for either the official decision of a judge and jury," he added.

John Doe #1 alleges that Travolta made sexual advances toward him during a massage session on the morning of Jan. 16 at approximately 10 a.m. in Beverly Hills, Calif. However, flight records indicate that the married father was actually in New York City and had in fact arrived the night before, according to TMZ.

Travolta's jet reportedly left Los Angeles International Airport at 8:21 PM on January 15, 2012 and landed at 3:59 a.m. the following morning in Westchester County, N.Y. This is only hours before John Doe #1 alleges that the actor scheduled a $200 per hour massage appointment with him at the Beverly Hills hotel and groped him.

The masseur claims that Travolta stripped naked and appeared semi-erect before offering him a "reverse massage."

"Come on dude, I'll j--- you off!!!" Travolta allegedly told John Doe after his sexual advances were rejected.

Singer has dismissed both lawsuits as "a baseless lie" and is threatening to sue "the attorney and plaintiff for malicious prosecution."