Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington America's Favorite Actors

Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington and Clint Eastwood are America's favorite actors, according to a new poll.

A recent Harris Poll surveyed 2,237 adults who chose Depp as their favorite actor. Among those that chose the star of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series are women: the echo boomer generation, ages 18-34; generation Xers, who are 35 to 46 years old; and the baby boomer generation, aged 47-65.

However, those who are 66 and older said their favorite actor is George Clooney. Still, Depp had an overwhelming amount of regional support from the East, Midwest and West who all voted for him as their favorite actor in the Harris Poll.

Specific political parties also supported Depp, such as the Republicans and Independents. However, Democrats favored Denzel Washington as their favorite thespian. However, the two have expressed starkly different religious views in the past.

Most recently, Depp was featured in British band Babybird's "Jesus Stage Nightclub" about a character that looks like Jesus. Instead of healing and teaching the Word of God, the character enjoys getting drunk and going to gentlemen's' clubs in his spare time.

However, Depp and Jones reportedly brushed off the backlash from various Christian groups saying that they had "no sense of humor." Unlike America's favorite actor, Washington has been adamant about the importance of his faith.

Through all of his successes and accolades, Washington once told BeliefNet that he wanted to continue to preach about what God has done for him.

"I've always understood why I've been blessed to be put in this situation," Washington said. "And I'm more than happy to take advantage of it and to preach, if you will, about what God has done in my life."

Aside from Depp voted as America's favorite actor and Washington coming in second, Clint Eastwood tied with the "Training Day" Christian actor. George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Adam Sandler and Will Smith also made the list.