JoJo Simmons Attempts Affair With Transgender?

JoJo Simmons, the son of the well known musician Rev. Run, is being accused of attempting to have an intimate affair with “Julisa,” a self-proclaimed transgender that he met on Twitter.

Julisa released a video on the entertainment website World Star Hip Hop, claiming that the well-known minister’s son who appeared on the show “Run’s House” was interested in an intimate relationship until he did not receive the attention he desired. The transgender said Simmons was upset because, “I didn’t throw myself at him.”

Text messages and revealing private Twitter messages were revealed by Julisa with proof that Simmons attempted to meet up with him. According to the text messages featured on Media Takeout, the minister’s son was aware that he was engaging in conversation and attempting to meet up with a transgender female.

“Yea I don't judge, you seem cool too," Simmons allegedly wrote in one of the text messages.

Simmons took to Twitter in a vulgar outburst concerning the matter, in an attempt to clear his name.

“Come on with this b******* on World Star,” Simmons tweeted. “I don't lie he hit me and when pics were sent I knew Wussup from the jump so I left it alone.”

While trying to vindicate himself, Simmons threw around sexist slurs.

“All this gay **** cool out with that,” Simmons wrote. “I don't judge nobody but I ain’t no f**got all my b***hes know."

Although some may be surprised at Simmons’ actions as the son of a pastor, celebrity pastor Marty Angelo said children of pastors are often rebellious for a reason.

“It’s a frustrating position to be in I’ve noticed with (pastors’ kids) because a lot of them think they’re missing something, because they have to stay so close to church,” Angelo told The Christian Post. “They’re always having to deal with issues that most other families don’t. There’s that pressure that is always put on them.”

Angelo said that Simmons, who was also arrested for marijuana possession in 2009, may be on a road to destruction. However, the minister said the PK will learn about the consequences of his actions through God.

“I’m sure he’s got a praying family that will keep praying for him,” Angelo said. “But he’s going to have to go down that road. God will send a messenger if he doesn’t get off.”