Justin Bieber Talks on Radio Show to Clear Many Rumors

Justin Bieber’s promotional rounds for his new Christmas album Under the Mistletoe, brought him to the controversial New York City radio show “Breakfast Club” to clear up rumors.

Bieber was candid on everything from his feminine fashion sense, baby mama drama, rap career and relationship with Selena Gomez. The pop star opened up his interview by speaking about finishing high school, although he makes much money.

“I do school, three hours a day,” said Bieber.

When asked why he bothered to undertake the task as an acclaimed musician, he admitted having a specific motivation.

“I gotta finish high school my mom wants me to," Bieber said, before joking about having the ability to buy good grades. "Give me an A, you're fired."

Bieber, a household name the last few years, publicly admitted to owing much of his success to fellow singer Usher. Before signing a deal with his mentor, the Canadian crooner had a choice between Justin Timberlake and Usher.

Bieber explained his reasoning for signing with the latter.

"It was more about who I thought would want to be hands on and who would help me be essentially what I am now,” Bieber said. “Someone who could break me and help me to stamp me and I just thought Usher would be the best for that."

The singer also addressed the criticism concerning him wearing women’s jeans, after many questioned why his pants fit so tightly. Bieber claimed that tight-fitting pants were a trend for men, and that people should not question whether it crossed gender-bending lines.

“I have worn a pair of woman's jeans, but so did (Lil) Wayne,” Bieber explained on the radio show. “You don't wear tight skinny jeans. Its not like it’s just a woman's jean.”

When speaking about his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, the singer opened up about the now well-known date that the two shared in the Staples’ Center.

"She wanted to see Titanic again, we were fighting a little bit so we ended up being cool,” Bieber said. “I was just like I wanted to take her somewhere special so I decided to take her to the Staples center and we had dinner in the middle of the Staples center. You have to treat a woman right.”

Bieber also endured a line of questioning about his alleged child that was conceived after a concert last year.

“This crazy stuff happened, there’s all these false allegations. It is a lot. There is going to be people that make false accusations all the time,” Bieber explained. “But you have to keep your head high and always be positive. It is Christmas time. Its time for charity. It’s not about that, it’s really terrible that it happened like that.”

Bieber also denied another negative rumor about being banned from the BET "Rap Cypher" this year. Although rumors surfaced that the pop star wanted rapper Ludacris to write his lyrics and was denied the chance to participate, the singer said the incident never took place.

However, he admitted having an affinity with a variety of music.

"I have a love for all cultures,” Bieber said. “I love hip hop and I love rock music. I love it all."