Kanye West Rant: Rapper Disses Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie,' Grammys (VIDEO)

Kanye West recently dissed his good friend Jay-Z's collaboration with Justin Timberlake on the new track "Suit & Tie," admitting that he is not impressed with the hit song.

The outspoken rapper, who often refers to Jay-Z as "family," went on a bizarre rant while performing the first of two shows in London at Hammersmith Apollo. In the space of five minutes 35-year-old West managed to offend Jay-Z, the Grammys and "business people."

"I hate business people. People get on the phone with me and they're like 'what's the numbers at? How much did you sell? How much shampoo did you sell with your face on it?" West said to roaring applause.

"Since when was making music about getting rich?" he continued before taking a jab at the Grammys "Grammy's can s--- my d---."

West did not attend the 55th Grammy awards on Feb. 10. however Jay-Z, 42, was in attendance and the hip hop mogul performed "Suit & Tie" alongside Timberlake.

"I got love for HOV but I ain't f------ with that 'Suit and Tie,'" West said later adding "We're all gonna die one day, so I'ma live my life my way."

"Suit & Tie" has already made history following its Jan. 13 release. The song, which is off of Timberlake's highly anticipated album "The 20/20 Experience," was recently listed as having the most number of airplays in the 20-year history of pop songs chart, according to Celebscoop U.K.

West's rant comes just days after it was claimed that the rapper's popularity and marketability is in decline due to his widely publicized relationship with Kim Kardashian.

According to E-Poll Market Research, which assigns stars an "E-Score" to measure their marketability, West's popularity has been in decline since 2012 which was the same year that he began dating the reality TV star.

"He was starting to bounce back from [the 2009 VMA incident with Taylor Swift]," E-Poll Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Randy Parker told the Huffington Post. "There does appear to there is some sort of fallback or blowback from him hooking up with Kim [Kardashian]."

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