Kerry Washington Reveals Project on 'Good Morning America'

Actress Kerry Washington formally announced her participation in the project "Girl Rising" as part of International Day of the Girl.

The star of "Scandal" has been the source of numerous rumors and speculation that she was pregnant, but that was not the subject she addressed on "Good Morning America."

She recently leant her voice to a documentary entitled "Girl Rising," which shows the lives of nine young women struggling to get an education and change the world. Washington worked alongside the young women as well as fellow stars Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway for the project.

"This is about saving children's lives," Washington said on "Good Morning America."

The actress is passionate about helping those young girls get the education they need in order to better their own lives. Her character on "Scandal" works in Washington, trying to keep things running smoothly, but that is nothing compared to what Kerry hopes to achieve through her work with "Girl Rising."

She is famously private about her life and kept her wedding to NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha a secret for several months before making the big reveal. The two wed in a private Idaho ceremony in July but did not start talking about the wedding until the fall.

"I hate keeping secrets," Washington said during a press interview earlier this month. "That is the worst thing for me, because I always want to talk about it. I am really private about my personal life. I try to be really naked emotionally in my work, and I am not holding back at all when it comes to my work."

"I am giving all that I can in my work… So my work belongs to everyone because that's the choice I made, and my life belongs to me," Washington added.

She has racked up great attention and support for her role as Olivia Pope in ABC's "Scandal." Yet when asked if she and Asomugha had plans to start a family, and what that would mean for her character, Washington laughed and said, "I don't know! God, those are Shonda Rhimes questions!"

"I really never know where the show is going," Washington told E! News. "That's the part I love about television: You just don't know what the beginning, the middle and end is going to be, so really anything can happen. Olivia can die, she can get married, she can get pregnant, anything can really happen."