Khloe Kardashian Reacts to Lamar Odom Cheating Claims, Urges Public Not to Judge

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(PHOTO) REUTERS/Danny MoloshokKhloe Kardashian watches her NBA star husband, Lamar Odom, playing on court

Khloe Kardashian recently broke her silence on social networking site Instagram following reports claiming the reality TV star and Lamar Odom are facing marital woes.

The E! Star, 29, is yet to formally address ongoing cheating claims surrounding Odom, her husband of four years, however, on Wednesday she posted a cryptic message to her 5 million followers on Twitter.

In recent weeks at least two women have come forward claiming they had affairs with the NBA star, 33, and Kardashian is rumored by celebrity magazines to be considering divorce. However, despite the rumors attacking her marriage, Kardashian has come out fighting for her marriage, saying that people should not judge, and that they do not know the "whole story."


In July, a woman identified as Jennifer Richardson claimed to have engaged in a year-long extramarital affair with Odom. Weeks later Polina Polonsky, who is a criminal defense attorney, made similar claims. Those claims reportedly left Kardashian confused and devastated.

"Khloe kicked Lamar out of their home several weeks ago and he has been living in different hotels. Kris [Jenner] believes that Lamar has a lot of unresolved issues surrounding his childhood and he needs to work through it," a source told "She is encouraging Khloe NOT to give up on her marriage and not file for divorce."

Kardashian's younger brother Robert, who has been living with the couple for several years, reportedly approached Odom about the affair claims recently.

"When Rob asked Lamar point blank if he had cheated on Khloe with criminal defense attorney, Polina Polonsky, he refused to answer the question," a source said.

"Rob grew angrier that Lamar didn't respond, and he ended up just leaving the house. A lot of people bash Rob, but he truly has his sister's back, and is very protective of her," the source explained.

Rob, 25, is said to be supporting his sister amid claims that her marriage to Odom is under strain.

"Rob has been continuing to stay with Khloe, and has been a big source of support for her at this very difficult time," the source said.