Killeen Police Shooting: Officer Killed, Gunman Dead Following AK47 Shooting Incident (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/Killeen Daily Herald Screen Shot)A Killeen police shooting has seen an officer shot dead, and another wounded. The gunman was also shot and killed in the incident. This screen shot shows a bloodied mat at the location of the shootings.

A Killeen police shooting has left one police officer dead, another wounded, and the gunman dead, after a man opened fire with an AK47 in Texas at the weekend.

The shooting in Killeen, Texas took place directly adjacent to Fort Hood, and is reportedly the first deadly shooting involving a police officer there for more than a century.

The shooting has left locals shocked and in fear.

One witness, Heather Lanham, has said, "He killed the cop and I was scared because I have a two year old and it's literally like a hundred yards from my house."

A 911 emergency call was placed reporting that a man was threatening people with a gun at the Grandon Manor Apartments.

Police quickly arrived on the scene and attempted to negotiate with the suspect. At one point the gunman came to an apartment door with his hands raised, but is said to have never left the building.

Later as things escalated, the suspect went back into his home and re-emerged with an AK47 and began shooting at officers, killing one dead and badly wounding another.

Lanham said, "All of a sudden I hear a boom. It sounded like a gunshot. I heard more, several, like someone was spraying [gunfire] and I come outside and the cops were yelling at the gentleman that lived over there put it down, put it down, come out and then it went from there."

Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith has said, "It's awful. This officer was a great officer. He was a friend, he was a good son, a good husband and a good father, a good brother, a great guy and he's going to be missed deeply."

The wounded officer was shot in the leg, and went into surgery on Sunday. His injuries are not thought to be life threatening and he is recovering.

In the shooting, the police returned fire on the gunman, killing him in the shootout.

Watch the video here: