Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like Myla Sinanaj to Raise Kris Humphries' Baby Alone

Myla Sinanaj, the woman embroiled in Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian's divorce, claims that she is three months pregnant, it has been revealed.

Sinanaj, dubbed Kardashian's look-a-like by various media outlets, briefly dated Humphries after Kardashian abruptly filed for divorce after just 72 days of marriage. She claims that she is expecting the NBA star's first child, according to

On Tuesday Sinanaj took to Twitter where she tweeted about having a child, which sparked reports of a pregnancy.

"I can't wait to have a little boy lol sounds corny but a lil me running around dressed like his daddy? Too cute," Sinanaj tweeted.

She is yet to tell Humphries that she is expecting his child and is reportedly content on raising the child alone following her falling out with 28-year-old Humphries.

Humphries, who is in the midst of a bitter divorce dispute with Kardashian, 31, allegedly contacted the FBI claiming that Sinanaj attempted to extort him after he and his attorneys requested that she stop exaggerating their involvement to the media.

The pair allegedly dated casually for several weeks, but Sinanaj reportedly told friends that they were in a committed relationship, which did not sit well with Humphries.

"Myla and Kris are absolutely not in a relationship. Have they hooked up? Absolutely, and she was pressuring Kris for a commitment, but he has been very honest with her that there was no way that was going to happen," a source close to the situation told Radar Online.

"Kris is very much enjoying being single and any girl that claims she is dating him exclusively is lying," the insider added.

Humphries has not publicly addressed Sinanaj's pregnancy claims, but if proven to be accurate, a baby could potentially harm his claim in his divorce battle with Kardashian.

Humphries claims that Kardashian married him in August 2011 for publicity and financial gain, and is subsequently requesting an annulment of their marriage based on fraud.

Sinanaj's attorney Joe Tacopina says that Humphries may have difficulty proving his claim in court.

"It would be pretty hard to claim that you are broken hearted if you are dating [Sinanaj] just two months after the marriage broke up. My client's relationship with Kris goes to heart of his claim against Kim Kardashian and that could hurt him, certainly," Tacopina told Radar Online.