Kim Kardashian Reveals Fertility Issues, Talks Marrying Kanye West

Kim Kardashian is opening up about a possible marriage with Kanye West, her boyfriend's decision to announce her pregnancy and issues with fertility before the premiere of her E! reality television show, "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami."

Kardashian, 32, opened up about her 35-year-old rapper boyfriend's decision to announce her pregnancy in front of fans at his Atlantic City concert before the new year. While Kardashian told MSNBC Today show host Savannah Guthrie that she did not anticipate her boyfriend's public announcement, she explained that West is not afraid to act based off of his feelings.

"He just kind of says what he feels," Kardashian told Guthrie. "Once you're past the three-month mark, you're pretty safe, so he just kind of goes off with what he feels and he was feeling it that night."

When questioned about her pregnancy coming as a surprise to her, Kardashian said it was a blessing because of some fertility issues that fans will have to wait to discover after watching her television show.

"I think you'll see in the show, (sister) Khloe was always open about her fertility issues and I was always kind of quiet about mine and I have similar issues," Kardashian revealed. "So it was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and the opposite happens. I think it's just such a blessing knowing my circumstances, which you'll all find out about."

While Kardashian admitted that she and West "have talked" about marriage, she told Guthrie that the pair are "focusing on the baby."

"(We're) so content with how things are right now and how life is and we're so happy," Kardashian said. "We definitely want that in the future, but I'm not in a rush."

Even if she wanted to marry West at this time, Kardashian is still legally married to Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries. However, the reality television star said that she is hopeful about a divorce in the future, amid reports that Humphries is refusing to grant her a speedy one unless she admits that their nuptials were a scam.

"It's a process," Kardashian said. "And, um, you know, it's happening hopefully."

Kardashian first announced her pregnancy on her Celebuzz personal blog.

"It's true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby," the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star wrote. "We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us."