Kordell Stewart Reveals Exact Reason For Porsha Stewart Divorce

Kordell Stewart, the former NFL player who gained recent popularity as the estranged husband of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" personality Porsha Stewart, is revealing why he is divorcing her.

While Porsha appeared on the season six premiere of the show to question why her 41-year-old husband wanted a divorce amid speculation of his sexual preference, Kordell has finally opened up about where their marriage went wrong. According to the former NFL star, Porsha initially asked him for a divorce.

"When your wife looks you in your face and tells you to file for divorce, and the only reason she's not filing is because she doesn't have the money and she doesn't have nothing to lose….are you kidding me," Stewart said on the V103 radio station's Ryan Cameron Morning Show. "

He went on to speak about how his stepson calls Porsha "mommy," and insisted that she was a neglectful co-parent.

"I would get home [after being at work] and Porsha's not there. My son would ask me, 'Is mommy coming home, did she make it home yet?' I would say she's doing her thing," he revealed on the radio show. "He would wake up in the morning and ask 'Did mommy make it home?'.. He doesn't deserve to have to deal with that when there's two parents in the home."

Stewart said the fact that Porsha did not want to throw his son a birthday party made him realize just how bad things were.

"The $3 plus million I done put into this wedding and this house, and got her mama and everybody in it? A brother coming to the house with all his kids [every week] and my son wants to have a birthday party and you say he can't have a birthday party because you're uncomfortable," Kordell revealed. "Porsha (said) she doesn't want the child's mother, her friends and all my son's friends at the house because she's 'uncomfortable.' You got all these people coming to this house–your mama, Bravo, ministers–but my baby can't have a birthday party in his own house?"

Porsha, the granddaughter of civil-rights leader Hosea Williams, insists that she learned on Twitter that her estranged husband was divorcing her last March. She was shocked by the news and publicly admitted it.

"It was just terrible... to hear him say, 'She wasn't home at a certain time so I locked her out?' That was really, really hard to listen to listen to…," Porsha told her mother and sister on the show between tears. "Seeing Kordell at the deposition, was like an out-of-body experience…"

She insisted Kordell had not provided any real reason for divorcing her.

"I was like, 'Imma find out everything that I need to know and Imma know exactly why he filed on me,'" she told her family while on the show. "…But after that entire deposition, he had no factual reason…no exact reason…to divorce me…"