Lauren Spierer Update: Parents File Suit Against Men Last Seen With Daughter

Lauren Spierer went missing more than two years ago, and now her parents have filed suit against the three men last seen with her. The family seeks unspecified compensation, but the case is moving to federal court.

Robert and Charlene Spierer filed suit against Corey Rossman, Jason Rosenbaum and Michael Beth whose actions they allege caused the "disappearance, injury, and death of Lauren Elizabeth Spierer."

Lauren was last seen on June 3, 2011 "in an area known for criminal acts … in an intoxicated and disoriented state in the early morning hours," according to court papers. "Rosenbaum was the last known person with Spierer when she was alive."

The papers also allege that Spierer is still missing and "presumed to have suffered injuries that resulted in her death."

However, there are contradictions between the papers filed in court and the information provided by the defendants in the case. Rosenbaum allegedly told the Spierers what he knew of their daughter's last hours, which goes against their assertion that she was abandoned in an intoxicated state.

"He was pretty frank with them," Rosenbaum's attorney, Jennifer Lukemeyer told "Indianapolis Monthly." "Some of it, they admitted, they may not want to hear, but they've been pretty realistic, I think."

"It's inappropriate the way [Spierer's parents] are harassing people that are also victims in this case," Rossman told the "Journal News."

Police and a private investigator hired by the Spierer family have searched for the former Indiana University student for the past two years with no results. Lauren's boyfriend, Jesse Wolff, recently passed a lie-detector test. His family reportedly believes that Lauren's drug use contributed to her disappearance.

"This poor little girl is not with us today because of her drug abuse," Nadine Wolff, Jesse's mother, told the Journal News. "If Jesse was guilty of anything, he was guilty of taking care of Lauren, who had some serious drug issues. She would abuse to the point where she would black out. Jesse always threatened to call and tell her parents and she said, 'If you do, I'll break up with you.'"

In the two years since Lauren disappeared, authorities have received over 3,060 tips, but nothing has panned out.