Lebron James Restoring Hairline With Corrective Surgery?

Lebron James' receding hairline has been the topic of conversation long before the 27-year-old Miami Heat forward won a championship during the 2011-2012 NBA Season. However, some new photographs for the basketball star's Nike Lebron James Diamond Sportswear Collection show him with a full head of hair and have caused some to question whether he underwent any treatment for his thinning hair line.

After Nike introduced James' new collection of apparel for the upcoming 2012 holiday season, gossip websites like TerezOwens.com reported that sources have come forward to say James received corrective surgery for his receding hairline. Once news of the advertisement hit the Internet, multiple people took to Twitter to comment on what they thought was James' new look.

"Oh my gosh, LeBron James got a hair-job," one person tweeted.

Another individual took to Twitter to speculate about people making fun of the basketball star and his new hair style.

"Dude (they're) gonna CLOWN THE (expletive) outta him (sic)," the person tweeted.

Still, another person said they were sure that James' would one day take measures to improve his hairline.

"Knew it would happen sooner or later," the person tweeted.

Although some gossip websites speculated about the NBA star receiving hair implants two months ago, James seemed to unknowingly dispel the rumors when he premiered an image of himself getting a haircut a few weeks ago.

"Getting a fresh cut from my barber RP aka Don Cheadle," James wrote on the photograph posted on Instagram.

The comments on the photograph continued to poke fun at the basketball player's hairline which seemed to be similar to that of last season. Still, James has not taken his own hairline too seriously, and even poked fun of himself last August.

"Had a dream my hairline was back! Woke up and went to the bathroom, turned on the light slowly," James tweeted his fans last August. "Same ol (sic) story. Damn! lol #wishfulthinking."