Leona Lewis Dating Liam Payne? 'I'm Not Dating Leona,' Says One Direction Star

One Direction member Liam Payne has denied all rumors regarding him being involved in a romantic relationship with Leona Lewis. He also denied other rumors involving his career and him insulting Kim Kardashian.

No, Liam Payne is not planning to go in his own direction on YouTube and no, he didn't insult Kim Kardashian. At least, that is what the star has stated in a disclosure on his Twitter account. But most importantly, perhaps, the One Direction band member also confirmed that he is not dating fellow musician Leona Lewis.

"Okay bored of constant news articles... I'm not dating Leona ... My YouTube channel isn't for a solo career and I didn't insult Kim k...Pow!" Payne, 19, wrote on his Twitter account Monday morning.

The two have been linked multiple times, spawning rumors all over the Internet. Leona Lewis also offered a statement regarding her connection to the boy band member, although she suggested a more hopeful response.

"All I'll say about the rumours of me dating Liam from One Direction is you never know where things might end up if they're given half a chance," Lewis, 27, said during an interview with the Daily Mail. "Other than that, I've never been one to talk about my personal life, because it's important to keep a little bit of yourself sacred."

In a second interview with The Sun, Lewis added more confusion to the situation.

"You'd be surprised how much we have in common," she told the U.K. publication. "He's great. We see each other when we can."

She continued by stating that the situation was flattering, although she also acknowledged that she was only having "fun" and that her and Payne were not officially dating.

"It's cute," she continued. "I'm not saying [we're together]. I'm having fun and enjoying myself."