'Light the Way: The Bible' Launches as the First Christian Game for iPad

California developer Lightside recently released the first ever Christian game for the iPad called "Light the Way: The Bible."

The new game is loosely based on the record setting History Channel miniseries "The Bible."

"With Light the Way: The Bible on iPad we piggyback on the tremendous, global success of The Bible series and create a fun, engaging way for people of faith to spread the word," said Lightside Founder and CEO Brent Dusing. "Mobile devices are the fastest-growing access point to the web and outside of church are the most prolific way for Christians to enjoy community."

The game weaves scenes from the miniseries together and sends adults and children on quests to find hidden objects in illustrations of biblical stories which feature images and music from the actual show.

Dusing hopes to connect with both Christians and non-Christians with this new game.

"This is where the world meets the web and where Christians need to meet the world," added Dusing in the press release.

Lightside specializes in creating games with biblical themes and is behind hit Facebook titles such as "Journey of Moses" and "Journey of Jesus: The Calling." Both of these games have attracted close to 5 million players and "Light the Way" is Lightside's way of expanding its reach.

"We make high-quality games that carry a powerful message that people of all ages enjoy," said Dusing. "By using the world's largest technology platforms, like iPad and Facebook, our games touch people's lives all over the globe."

Lightside also translates its games into multiple languages allowing them to reach countries where the Gospel is seldom heard.

"Light the Way: The Bible" is currently available in the App Store and can be accessed using the iPad or through Facebook. For more information on the game readers can visit LightsideGames.com.