Lil Wayne's 'My Homies Still' Music Video Linked to Colo. Movie Theater Shooting?

Lil Wayne, rapper and hip-hop mogul, recently released a music video for "My Homies Still" featuring rapper Big Sean, which has caused concern among some who have drawn similarities between the visuals featuring 12 skeletons in a movie theater and the recent killing of 12 people at a movie theater in Colorado.

The rapper's video features many bizarre visuals, including pink elephants, a man with a dog face and mannequins being treated like people. However, the real shocker came for some in scenes featuring a woman donning a mask favoring that of Batman, and Wayne partying in a movie theater with 12 skeletons.

Many people took to Twitter to question if there was a connection between the Louisiana rapper's new video which premiered three days before the Aurora, Colo., shooting and the massacre that took place during "The Dark Knight Rises."

"A devil, goat head, donkey head, batman/girl, at a table? All have something in common, they are all in a Lil Wayne video," one person tweeted about the matter. "That shooting was so set up."

While many people tweeted about the video's similarities being a part of the Illuminati, a secret elite organization said to be attempting to take over the world through symbolism and rituals, some weren't so quick to jump to conclusions.

"You are so dumb if you think Lil Wayne has anything to do with the shootings at that Batman premiere," another person tweeted. "I can't even deal with that stupidity."

When one person asked the video's director about the link between the Colorado massacre and the video, he responded on the social networking website.

"It's just sad that people try an associate a tragedy to a music video that was created by having fun nothing more," director Parris tweeted. "I'm not that deep or sick to put cryptic messages in my videos purely art and entertainment."