Lindsay Lohan and Movie Demand: Shy Star Asks Film Crew for a Favor (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan couldn't settle for picturing the camera crew in their underwear to calm her nerves and asked them to strip instead.

While on set for her most recent up coming film "The Canyons," Lindsay Lohan was required to get undressed. The actress, however, felt uncomfortable revealing herself to the entire camera crew. Despite being "extremely hesitant," Lohan finally gave way when the crew agreed to a compromise.

As the age old adage goes, if you feel really nervous then just picture the whole audience in their underwear. It will make them seem less intimidating, the tale tells. But what do you do when the current audience is a crew of about ten men, although the potential audience could be in the millions?

Lohan asked the entire 10-man crew to strip down to their boxers in order to make her feel more comfortable about the upcoming scene to be shot. Only after the crew was equally embarrassed were they able to film the scene, according to TMZ, who reported on the incident given knowledge from an insider.

Lohan recently finished shooting the Lifetime film "Liz & Dick" and signed on to the new film, written by "Less Than Zero" author Bret Easton Ellis, just after. The film will be produced by Braxton Pope and directed by Paul Schrader, who wrote "Taxi Driver" and directed "American Gigolo."

"A big part of the reason she did this was because of Paul Schrader and the opportunity to work with such an iconic filmmaker," Lohan's publicist, Steve Honig, said.

Lohan will play opposite James Deen, who has made a name for himself in adult films. The plot will be about young 20-somethings and their approach to life and ambition.

"Lindsay Lohan and James Deen not only have the acting talent," Schrader said. "They also have that screen quality that keeps you watching their every move."

Given the racy plot and the adult film star- not to mention Lohan's past experience with Playboy- it could be considered odd that the star was feeling so shy on set.