Loretta Saunders Missing: Family Fears the Worst About Pregnant Canadian Teen

(Photo: Facebook)Loretta Saunders has been missing since Feb. 13.

A missing pregnant woman in Halifax, Canada, is no closer to being found, authorities state. Those they believe are involved with her disappearance have been taken into custody on other charges and will hopefully provide vital information to find the 26-year-old.

According to reports, Loretta Saunders tried to collect the rent from her roommates, Blake Leggette and Victoria Hennebay when she went missing. She was last seen on surveillance footage from Feb. 13, and her family fears the absolute worst.

"We just want to get her home," Saunders' brother, Edmund, told the National Post. "We know she's not OK; she's not well. She wouldn't go this long without talking to her Dad. We just want to know where she is and bring her home."

Leggette and Henneberry were taken into custody in Ontario days later on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle. While they confirmed that they knew Saunders, they did not speak about the status of their relationship with her. The car belonged to Saunders and the couple had been using her debit card since the day she went missing, leading authorities to suspect them in her disappearance, especially given that they both had criminal histories.

The day after Saunders went missing, her boyfriend received an odd text message alleging that she had locked herself out of her bank account and needed her mother's maiden name in order to reset the password. It's an old trick that has helped many use stolen credit or debit cards.

Saunders' family has been working around-the-clock to get the word out about her disappearance and is offering a small reward for any information that could lead to her recovery. Saunders is three months pregnant and her family just wants to bring her home.

"My heart is breaking more and more as time passes and my sister is the one who encourages and inspires me to persevere," Saunders' sister, Delilah Terriak, posted on Facebook.