'Love and Hip Hop' Joseline Hernandez Engaged to Stevie J? (PHOTO)

Joseline Hernandez is reportedly engaged to her Vh1 co-star Steven "Stevie J" Jordan it has been revealed.

Hernandez, a former stripper and aspiring singer, is believed to have accepted her manager's marriage proposal while filming upcoming scenes for their hit reality TV show "Love & Hip Hop," according to Mediatakeout.com.

Stevie J, a renowned music producer, reportedly contacted Vh1 before he asked for her hand in marriage so that the show's producers could capture the entire proposal on camera.

Insiders allegedly described the scene as being "moving" and "touching," and although Hernandez is yet to confirm the engagement news, she was recently photographed wearing what appeared to be a diamond ring on her ring finger.

"SHOULD I BRING STEBBIE TO THE CLUB WITH ME TONIGHT????" Hernandez tweeted alongside the photo of herself and Stevie J.

(PHOTO/Joseline Hernandez) Twitter: @MsJoseline"Love and Hip Hop" star Joseline Hernandez with her rumored fiance Stevie J

Stevie J, who describes himself as a "good guy" on his Twitter page, openly cheated on Mimi Faust, the mother of his child, with Hernandez.

On Monday night's episode, Faust was heard telling Stevie J that their relationship would not survive if he continued having relations with Hernandez and despite her ultimatum he has reportedly chosen to be with Hernandez.

The music mogul recently posted a series of cryptic messages on his Twitter page which some critics believe is in reference to leaving Faust for Hernandez.

"To be a winner you must make sacrifices," Stevie J tweeted on July 17th.

"It's a beautiful day to be a blessing to someone else! God bless us all," he later wrote allegedly after proposing to Hernandez.

Despite reportedly being excited about her engagement news, entering the world of reality TV has not been entirely smooth sailing for Hernandez.

She recently opened up about the emotional toll that ongoing speculation about her gender has had on her.

Although she has already confirmed that she is a woman, critics continue to speculate if that is true which has left Hernandez feeling hurt and "confused."

"I've never even heard that before. I have men give me everything I've ever wanted, and I've never had a problem with people looking at me that type of way. It's crazy to me. Do you not see all this greatness? I don't understand, I'm confused," Hernandez told blogger Jasmine Brand.

Desperate to dispel rumors that she may be a man, Hernandez posted nude photographs of her body online but admits that it was not a good move.

"I was stressed out. I was wrong for doing that. I shouldn't have never did that, that was my past but that was the first thing that i thought about. I just wanted people to leave me alone," Hernandez said.