'Love and Hip Hop' Recap: Joe Budden Talks Tahiry, Raqi Feud (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Facebook: Love and Hip Hop Fan Page (Courtesy Vh1)Love and Hip Hop (New York) returned on Vh1 Jan. 7

"Love and Hip Hop (New York)" returned for a third season on Monday night, and viewers were introduced to some new cast members, all from the east coast's diverse hip-hop scene.

Season two addition Yandy Smith returned and welcomed a baby with her partner Mandeecees. She appears to be in a good place following the departure of rapper Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin.

Feisty video model Erica Mena and singer Olivia Longott are also back and both women spent much of the episode in deep discussions about their respective relationships with entertainment manager Rich Dollaz.

New to the cast is rapper Joe Budden, whose rocky relationships with his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose and Raqi Thunda became the prime focus of the premiere episode.

Joe, 32, is insistent on rebuilding a friendship with Tahiry, a video model and waitress, but in usual "Love and Hip Hop" style, what started off as a polite discussion only ended in rage. The rapper was left humiliated in a busy restaurant after Tahiry attempted to flip a table on him before storming off.

At the center of Tahiry's rage is jealousy over Joe's questionable friendship with Raqi, a radio personality and hip hop insider. The pair insisted that their friendship is platonic, but Tahiry wasn't buying it. In a recent interview, Joe admitted that he believes Raqi, who is a former friend of Tahiry's, has strong feelings for him.

"Im of the belief that Raqi might be in love with me ... she sounded [on the show] like somebody who was real hurt, real bitter, real angry," Joe told New York radio station Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" Tuesday.

However, he does not believe that he is the reason behind Tahiry's dislike for Raqi, suggesting that the former friends simply had trust issues long ago.

"I think Tahiry might of just found some information out about Raqi early in the game like while I was still clueless," Joe explained.

Monday night's episode concluded with Joe throwing a pool party where Tahiry and Raqi almost engaged in a physical brawl. Eventually, Joe escorted Raqi out of his home while allowing a Tahiry to stay, and his siding wit his ex-girlfriend ultimately reduced Raqi to tears.

"It just baffles me I don't see how she could watch [the show] and be ok with watching it, like just how she's behaving but I mean she gotta live with that not me," Joe said regarding Raqi's behavior on the show.

Check out Joe and Tahiry's recent interviews with power 105.1 below (WARNING: Adult content and strong language).