'Love and Hip Hop' Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez Confirm Open Relationship (VIDEO)

"Love and Hip Hop" stars Steven "Stevie J" Jordan and Joseline Hernandez have openly admitted to having an open relationship although they have remained coy on their rumored engagement.

Hernandez, a former stripper turned singer, wore a large diamond ring on her ring finger during a visit to New York radio station Hot 97 but insists that it is just a fashion accessory.

"It's just a little something I wear," a blushing Hernandez said before Stevie J interjected.

"We enjoying life and we takin' everything one day at a time," he explained.

When asked about Stevie's history of cheating, Hernandez revealed that she gives him permission to sleep with other women.

"Oh I'm not really trippin' about what Stevie do 'cause I love women too, so if he wants to go have fun then you know I'll be right there with him," Hernandez alleged.

"I'm not really like the jealous type unless he just go out there and do it without him telling me but if he wants to do it you know I'm down with that baby," she added.

The reality star's statements did not sit well with "K Foxx," who is one of the radio personalities. She then proceeded to ask Hernandez why she became upset during a recent episode of the hit Vh1 show if she genuinely does not care about his infidelities.

Hernandez appeared to be angry after learning that Stevie J was still pursuing his baby's mother Mimi Faust during a past episode.

"He lied about it!" Hernandez shot back. "When you don't lie about it, I'm cool with it ... you know when you start lying that's when I'm like n---- what is you doin'? You know, keep it real."

Stevie J, a renowned music producer, was then asked how he was able to pull off the controversial open relationship arrangement with Hernandez.

"You know it's not difficult when you know yourself, you just gotta know oneself and know how to deal with each situation," Stevie told the puzzled radio hosts, who told him his words made "no sense."

Hernandez immediately came to Stevie J's defense and explained that nonsensical statements are simply a part of his personality.

"Listen that's how he is ... he goes around everything ... he doesn't say anything, it's a bunch of B.S. The only thing he's good at is business and sex," she admitted.