Matt Hammit 'All of Me' Dedicated to God's Faithfulness in Son's Battle for Life

It has been said that there is no greater love than a father for his son. No one knows this better than Mark Hammit, lead singer and guitarist of Christian alternative band Sanctus Real, as he watched his newborn son battle death for a chance to live.

Needing open heart surgery to fix Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a severe heart defect, he watched his son endure an infection and two heart surgeries.

Now one year later, that baby boy named Bowen is alive and well and has become the inspiration for his daddy's new album, “Every Falling Tear.”

This new release is Hammit's first album away from his band after recording eight full lengths with them. However, he continues to perform and record with Sanctus Real incorporating some solo songs throughout.

The first single off the record is "All of Me," a song Hammit wrote as he watched his son battle with his weak heart. The song speaks of a father [Hammit] dreading the loss of a child saying, "I'm afraid to love/ something that could break/ could I move on/ If you were torn away."

The lyrics ring powerful as you hear his voice well up with emotion. The passion within the song is hauntingly beautiful.

When asked about the inspiration for the tracks Hammit said, "Songs that I had written for moments just like these. Songs to remind our family of God's faithfulness. Songs to remind us that there's purpose in our pain. To remind us of where our hope is, and to remind us to recklessly love our son the way God loves us."

To honor the miracle of Bowen, Hammit and his wife Sarah set up a non-profit organization to assist families with children who suffer from congenital heart defects with the proceeds from Every Falling Tear funding it.

Hammit and the rest of Sanctus Real are on tour starting next week with Casting Crowns.