Miley Cyrus' Monokini Setting A New Fashion Trend?

Miley Cyrus may have kick started a new summer swim wear trend with her music video for "We Can't Stop." The 20-year-old is looking to make a comeback to the musical scene with the new song, and has made waves with the edgy video.

In addition to beating Justin Bieber for the most-viewed video on Vevo with 10.7 million views in one day, the "We Can't Stop" clip is also leaving a fashion footprint.

While promoting the video, Cyrus posted several photos to Twitter of herself in revealing one-piece bathing suits. The singer dons similar outfits throughout the video for "We Can't Stop."

Cyrus is not the only star to shy away from traditional swimsuits with a monokini- Mariah Carey and Kourtney Kardashian were both spotted wearing the unique style recently.

Meanwhile, Cyrus appeared on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday where she discussed "We Can't Stop" as well as rumors about her engagement to Liam Hemsworth.

Referring to her record-breaking 10.7 million views on Vevo in one day, Cyrus thanked her dedicated fans.

"I've got a really bomb fan base, the Smilers," said Cyrus, whose nickname Miley is derived from her father calling her Smiley" as a child.

"They're the ones that are getting [my 'We Can't Stop' music video] to be at 33 million views," she added. "Haters are going to hate, but haters are also going to click on your YouTube video and watch it, so I don't really care. You helped me break the record. And if you were watching just to hate on me, how I hold the record, so I win."

As for her plans to marry Hemsworth, the former Disney star pointed out her engagement ring.

"I'm wearing the ring, so..." said Cyrus on "GMA."

The singer and her fiancé were spotted together for the first time in five months last week when they walked hand-in-hand to the movies, according to Us magazine.