'Miracle Month:' Pastor to Bless Random Tither at Church Every Month in Brown Bag Lottery by Paying a Light Bill, Mortgage or Car Note

(Photo: Screen Grab via FOX 31)Congregants celebrate the 'Miracle Month' lottery initiative at the James Missionary Baptist Church in Baconton, Ga., on Sunday Feb. 2, 2014. They now have a chance to win a bill payment by tithing.

Congregants at James Missionary Baptist Church in Baconton, Ga., clapped their hands and praised the Lord on Sunday after their pastor, Lawrence Knighton, announced that tithers will now have the chance to win a mortgage, light bill or car note payment from the church through an initiative called "Miracle Month."

"Actually, miracle month has always been something that's been on my heart to do. We want to be able to be a blessing to people. So what we've decided to do is once a month, we're gonna start to pay somebody's light bill, somebody's car note," said Knighton in an interview with FOX 31.

The church further explained the "Miracle Sunday" initiative in a post on its Facebook page on Sunday.

YouTube/FOX 31
Pastor Announces 'Miracle Month'

"One Sunday out of every month, a name will be drawn from the brown bag. We will bless that person by paying a bill for them whether it is their rent/mortgage, car note, utility bill etc. It's all GOD!!" said the message accompanied by five photos featuring the special brown bag and church members associated with the initiative.

Reactions to the announcement have so far been positive. Eulanda Frazier Brown noted on Knighton's Facebook page: "Pastor Lawrence Knighton, I am so happy to see you are blessing people through God."

Another commenter, Shacarlos Jefferson, asked: "What if you stay with somebody and don't have bills?"

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