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'Mr Robot' Season 3: Krista Comes Back to Help Elliot

'Mr Robot' Season 3: Krista Comes Back to Help Elliot

USA Network's popular drama-thriller "Mr. Robot," which was created by Sam Esmail, is confirmed to air its third season this year, although no exact release date has been announced as of this moment.

Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a cyber-security engineer and hacker in USA Network's drama-thriller, "Mr. Robot." | Facebook/WhoIsMrRobot

Speculations, however, have already started to emerge as to what could happen in the show's third season. Fans expect that Krista (Gloria Reuben) will be back as Elliot's (Rami Malek) therapist and will attempt to help the latter again with his problems.

Krista was appointed through a court order to help Elliot overcome his mental issues. Spoilers for season 3 suggest that Krista will do everything to help Elliot do away with Edward (Christian Slater), an insurrectionary anarchist who is in Elliot's head.

However, things have been hard for Krista in the past because Elliot was hesitant to cooperate with her. While she tries to encourage him to open up about his problems and share his feelings, Elliot would rather keep these to himself, and worse, he refuses to drink his medicine and proceeds to take morphine instead as a painkiller.

Despite relatively low ratings in the United States, the show, however, seems to have developed a cult following and garnered several awards last year from the Golden Globes, including Best Television Drama Series, and the Primetime Emmy Awards. The latter gave the Outstanding Music Composition for a Series award to Mac Quayle, while Malek received the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series award. 

In addition, the show is now nominated in the upcoming 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Malek has been nominated for the Best Actor in a Drama Series award, while Slater is running for the Best Supporting Actor award. 

Chris McCumber, the president of Entertainment Networks, previously expressed his excitement for the show. "Mr. Robot continues to break new ground and open up new opportunities for the network. We can't wait to see where Sam Esmail and the entire brilliant Robot team take us next," McCumber says in a statement.


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