Murder Suspect Brags Online: Vegas Shooter Talks Up Life in Fast Lane

Ammar Harris, the man accused of the Las Vegas shoot out that resulted in a fiery crash and three dead, appears to have bragged about a life in the fast lane.

Harris has a previous criminal record that includes charges for robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping and coercion with a weapon. He was arrested last year in connection to a 2010 prostitution case, but charges in the case were dropped last June, according to the Associated Press.

Police believe Harris is responsible for firing shots at a Maserati on the Las Vegas strip last week. The shots hit 27-year-old Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr., causing his car to plunge into a taxi, which exploded on impact. The taxi driver, 62-year-old driver Michael Boldon and the passenger, 48-year-old Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, were killed.

Harris and his alleged victim may have shared similar lifestyles. Harris is seen on his social media accounts boasting about the life a "high roller." A YouTube video of Harris reveals the murder suspect flashing a stack of cash and asking viewers to help him count it.

"I could keep going, I could keep going ... but like, I don't feel like countin' anymore," he says in the video after throwing down a $50 bill. "I got another bag. But I think I proved my (expletive) point."

Harris also allegedly refers to owning prostitutes and expensive cars on his Twitter wall, according to his tweets.

Cherry, who referred to himself as "Kenny Clutch," boasted of a similar lifestyle. He is seen in his own YouTube video driving around his luxury Maserati, claiming that he paid "120 for it."

The Range Rover involved in last week's shooting was found in front of Harris' house two days later, according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal. Three other women were in the car with Harris at the time. All of them have been located but police are still on the search for Harris.