Nathan Tyler Haun, 17, Found Dead in Middle of Road; Police Investigating Possible Murder

Nathan Tyler Haun, 17, was found dead in the middle of Arrowhead Trail in Utah, and police say that arrests are imminent. Haun's death was immediately suspicious due to the placement of the body and extensive trauma to his body, but police have not ruled the death a homicide just yet.

Haun suffered "very extensive trauma," the Utah State Coroner's Office reported, and ruled that Haun had been hit by a car.

The previous evening, Haun and his friends had reportedly been drinking before the incident occurred. According to authorities, Haun and another person got into an argument "over a common romantic interest."

"We don't know if the discord there was enough to cause one person to want to do this to another," Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Spencer Cannon told the Deseret News. "We have had some [teens], either on their own or under their parent's direction, who are refusing to talk to us. So that's making it a little bit difficult to try and paint a clear picture as to eliminate people who might know anything, or say this person can at least help us figure out a timeline when Nathan was last seen."

Preston Haun, Nathan's father, believes he knows exactly who is responsible for his son's death.

"I honestly believe that he was run over by someone at the party. I believe he was run over on purpose. There were no skid marks. It was like he was hit and they kept on going. Even if it was an accident, nothing matches up," Preston told Radar Online.

"There are friends that are not talking. There are parents that have lawyered up and the house where the party was, where the parents were giving the kids alcohol, have hired lawyers too," Preston added.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office announced a $5,000 reward for information leading to the driver or the vehicle that struck Nathan. Anyone with information is asked to call (801)-851-4010.