National Margarita Day Celebrated Friday

Friday has arrived with National Margarita Day and people everywhere are celebrating.

Observed each year on Feb. 22, National Margarita Day sees several different recipes that incorporate lime, sugar, salt, and sometime even tequila.

As a beverage, the classic recipe includes tequila, lime juice, Contreau or triple sec. However, the margarita can be served without alcohol and can come frozen or simply on ice.

There are many different stories surrounding the origin of the drink, with dozens of people claiming that they invented the margarita.

Some people say that a bartender from Mexico City invented the margarita in 1934 and named it after his friend, Marguerite Hemery. Another popular legend suggests that a restaurant owner in Tiajuana developed the beverage for a customer who was allergic to all liquor aside from tequila.

While the true creator is unknown, the margarita remains one of the most popular drinks of all time. National Margarita Day can also be celebrated with virgin margaritas and simply using ice and sour mix.

Also, the margarita's ingredients can be used in baking, with many cookies and cakes infusing lime flavors in an effort to imitate the beverage.

A popular song to play on National Margarita Day is Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville," named after the famous cocktail. The song, first released in 1977, is a staple among America's contemporary pop culture, and remains Buffet's highest-charting solo single.

On Twitter, National Margarita Day became a trending topic on Friday as many users posted about their celebrations.

Lucky magazine posted their preference toward the drink: "Salt on the rim," while The Wall Group wrote, "We'll take ours on the rocks, please!"

"Why am I not on the beach sippin' margaritas," complained Twitter user Denise. "It's National Margarita Day!"