Nintendo 2DS Launches Oct. 12 for $130 as Option for Non 3D, 3DS

Nintendo is releasing a new handheld console, the 2DS, which will provide an in between affordable option for the DS and the 3DS.

The company believes many of their DS users never upgraded to the 3DS because of the price or that they did not want 3D games. The 2DS, will be just like the DS, except able to play the 3DS games without the 3D features.

"The system features a distinctive fixed, slate-type form factor ... Nintendo 2DS maintains many of the same hardware features as Nintendo 3DS: dual screens, game-play controls and touch-screen features. The system also has backward compatibility with the existing library of more than 2,000 Nintendo DS games, as well as access to wireless connectivity features like multiplayer online game play, fun Nintendo Video content and great digitally delivered games in the Nintendo eShop," Nintendo said in a statement.

According to Cinemablend, the handheld will feature the same touch screen and button configuration as the 3DS, and features two exterior and one exterior camera to support "augmented reality" games. The handheld will have the same online capabilities and will be able to use SpotPass.

Curiously, the 2DS does not fold in half like its predecessors. Instead, it is more like a small tablet, and has a sleep mode button on the right side.

2DS will come in either black and blue or white and red, and will be $130 at launch, giving it a $40 price cut from the 3DS. Included with the system will be 4GB memory card, an AC adaptor that is good for all 3DS models as well, and a color matching carry case.

Nintendo has shown demos for Mario Kart, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon so far.

It will be launching the same day as Pokemon X and Y, Oct. 12.