Notorious B.I.G. Apartment Expected to Sell for Three-Quarters of a Million Dollars (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Twitter/ Talib Kweli Greene)Twitter users remember the rapper Biggie Smalls on the 15th anniversary of his death March 9, 2012.

The Notorious B.I.G.'s apartment where the rap star grew up has recently been put up on the market.

According to reports, the property has more than doubled in value since 2004, and is now estimated to be worth about three-quarters of a million dollars.

The former Wallace family residence is currently owned by an elderly couple, according to The Vibe. The website reports that the apartment, located at 226 Saint James Place in Bedford-Stuyvesant, should fetch about $725,000 when it sells.

In 2004 the property was sold for $300,000, but has since rocketed in value.

The fact that the residence is was the former family home of rapper Biggie Smalls, aka Christopher Wallace, is not thought to have any influence on the price of the property, according to experts.

Listing agent Judeth Leif has reportedly said, "I don't really know yet what impact, if any, [the Notorious B.I.G's connection] will have on the sale. I think it'll be notable, but I don't know if novelty translates to a purchase."

It is believed that the Notorious B.I.G. lived most of his childhood in the residence, and only moved out when he struck it big with Bad Boy, and his financial situation dramatically improved.

The news comes just following a report last month that Biggie Smalls' ghost will feature in a new cartoon animated series starring the late rapper's children.

According to producers, Chris Wallace, the hip hop star also known as the Notorious B.I.G., will feature in the new animated series produced by Ossian Media.

Biggie Small's children, C.J. and T'yanna Wallace, will be the main stars of the show, while their father, who died in 1997 aged just 24, will feature in "ethereal form." The kids will be shown in the series running their father's New York recording studio.

A synopsis of the new series released by the producers has described that Biggie Smalls will be "appearing to the children in ethereal form to guide them through the adversities they face as they struggle to preserve their father's labor of love."

The series will also feature original songs, as well as other re-imagined renditions of classics from the Notorious B.I.G.'s catalog of hits.

T'yanna and C.J. Wallace said in a statement, "It's been 16 years since our dad was murdered and we miss him dearly. ... It is such an honor for us to be able to carry on his legacy, not only through his music but also by channeling him through our own creativity. This project, 'House of Wallace,' is a great opportunity for us to bridge the gap between our parents who loved his music and the kids and young adults our ages, that were not around to really appreciate it."

Meanwhile, Ossian Media President Wally Eltawashy, has also stated: "Ossian is excited to commence work with C.J. and T'yanna on this project. Furthermore, it is Ossian's distinct honor and privilege to be entrusted with furthering the legacy of one of the world's greatest modern musical talents. The show's creative format will allow for advertising integration in the truest, purest sense of the term -- this could well be the very first animated program to incorporate creative shops [and their brand partners] directly into the narrative."

The new series has not yet been given a premiere date.

Here is a video of a short documentary of the Notorious B.I.G.: