Occupy NBA Has Begun

NBA fans have watched their season fall by the wayside, and are now taking action in an Occupy NBA movement.

New York State Sen. Malcolm Smith led fans in front of New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, in an attempt to get their voices heard. The group has disagreed with NBA commissioner David Stern and league owners, calling them the 99 percent who are ruled by corporate greed.

The group has formed an official website for the movement, occupyNBA.org, and described its goals in the public protest.

“Occupy NBA Organization is a place where frustrated NBA Fans can vent against the Corporate Tyranny of the Billionaire NBA Owners and their Henchman, NBA Commissioner - David Stern,” the statement read.

The declaration maintained that the group was in support of the players, who they believed were being treated unfairly.

“We at Occupy NBA believe that the NBA Players are not getting a fair shake at a new Collective Bargaining deal,” the statement said. “Occupy NBA and NBA Fans support the NBA Players.”

The group professes the importance of the NBA fans that have been seemingly forgotten in the 146 days of the 2011 NBA lockout.

“This Organization was built by fans, for fans in an effort to finally give NBA FANS a voice to be heard,” the statement reads. “We, The NBA Fans are the ones who are spending our money to see the greatest basketball players in the world perform their gifted craft and WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE A VOICE TOO!!"

Smith told the New York Daily News that he wanted to create a petition for season ticket holders who will lose money this year, asking for a full refund. The senator asked for others to join the movement in a day of solidarity across the country on Dec. 11.

"Stop bickering about the millions of dollars that you guys already make,” Smith said. “Think about the little person.”