Octomom and Dating Profile on Auction Website Shows Desperation

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman has apparently reached a new level of desperation for money by placing an ad on dating website WhatsYourPrice.com, which allows users to bid for first dates. According to reports, Suleman turned to the site in order to help save her home.

"It's Done for Charity-Now Do it for Love!" reads the website's homepage, which encourages users to bid for first dates with other users.

"Tired of wasting your time dating losers? Successful and generous people will pay for the chance to take you out on a first date," explains the site.

It appears as though Suleman is hoping for someone's generosity to pay off in a big way. The single mother of 14 wants to save her home, which is currently being foreclosed on. Opening bids for a date with Suleman start at $500, but so far no one has offered a bid.

Her online profile, however, provides insight into the 37-year-old media sensation's life. "My name is Nadya. I have 14 children. I am a single mom and have been celibate for 14 years; all my children were through IVF. If I have to describe myself, I would say I am full of energy, love to work out (when I get a chance). I am very athletic and love to laugh," Suleman posted.

"My ideal date is working out or doing something athletic and then having a nice dinner," she added.

Under the categories "Income Level" and "Net Worth" Suleman chose to remain silent. Her occupation is currently listed as "media personality," which fails to include her latest CD and ventures into X-rated films.

Suleman has remained in the public realm after choosing to give birth to eight children, even though she already had six at home. She has had continuous legal and financial issues that have led to court intervention and now the foreclosure on her home. It is unclear what exactly led Suleman to sign up for a What's Your Price account.