Olympic Swimmer Proposes from Gold-Medal Stand (VIDEO)

Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers pulled off the ultimate proposal from the medal stand after accepting the Gold for the 100-meter backstroke.

At the Missouri Grand Prix Saturday, Grevers proposed to his longtime girlfriend, fellow USA swimming teammate Annie Chandler, in front of the large crowd.

Spectators and Chandler alike were all shocked when Grevers dropped to one knee and pulled a diamond ring out of his pocket. The two-time gold medalist spoke to reporters after Chandler said yes.

"I've just been searching for a unique way to pop the question," Grevers told The Associated Press. "My whole family is here and I figured it would be a perfect opportunity and a unique situation."

Also in the crowd was Chandler's father, former NFL player Thomas Chandler, whom Grevers had asked for his blessing. After asking his girlfriend to join him on the stand and popping the question, Grevers described how nervous he had been.

"I took [the ring] out a little fast because my heart was racing the whole time," said the swimmer, who's brother, Andy, an assistant coach at the University of Missouri, aided in the scheme. He held the ring while Grevers was in the water, and subtly handed it to his brother afterward.

Grevers continued to explain that his original plan had been to propose while Chandler was on the medal stand. Her fifth-place performance in Friday's 100-meter breaststroke prevented the proposal though.

"She didn't have the best swim. So I was like, 'I got to go do it,'" said Grevers.

Chandler said she was somewhat suspicious of her boyfriend on Saturday.

"The only part that felt unnatural was when Matt asked me to get on the [medalists'] podium with him," explained the swimmer. "When he fell to one knee and I saw the shiny black box, I knew. That's when I went weak in the knees and kind of fell down."

The couple did not specify when they would wed, but will both attend and compete in the 2012 London Olympics this summer.