Straw Hat Pirates to Fight and Defeat Big Mom Once and for All in 'One Piece' Chapter 856

"One Piece" chapter 856 is expected to bring fans closer to the end of the arc and the downfall of Big Mom as Sanji and the Straw Hat Pirates continue their attempt to stop the Charlotte family matriarch's evil plans.

Majority of the speculations on Reddit suggest that Luffy's crew will take on Big Mom right then and there although doing so will be a real challenge.

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While some fans doubt that they can pull it off, at least not this time, one Reddit user said that Luffy and company can, as they will likely get more allies that can fight Big Mom's army in "One Piece" chapter 856.

This is all thanks to Luffy's Vivre card, which, considering all the horrible things that happened to him, putting him in serious danger, is going off like crazy at this time.

This means that the Grand Fleet might show up to come to his aide in "One Piece" chapter 856, bulking up the Straw Hat's manpower enough to take on Big Mom's soldiers.

Additionally, Linlin's army is not in the best state right now with some of her homies gone or in bad shape. The Straw Hat Pirates can take advantage of that too.

On the other hand, there are also speculations that "One Piece" chapter 856 will see Capone making his move. Some say he might just end up ruining the wedding himself.

However, his involvement in the matter is speculated to lead to the Straw Hat Pirates opting to flee instead of actually fighting and defeating Big Mom.

Of course, the possibility of the Straw Hat Pirates standing a chance against Big Mom's people is founded on Luffy actually being able to recover from his hunger in "One Piece" chapter 856.

By the end of the previous chapter, Sanji finds him at the meeting place in the worst shape possible. It is expected that he will nurse him back to health by providing him food.

However, a fan from Oro Jackson suggests that Bobbin, who was revealed to be an ally of Sanji's father, will not let this happen.