'One Punch Man' Season 2 News and Updates: Rumored Possible Plot and Villains; Saitama's Weakness and Origin of Powers to be Revealed?

onepunchman.orgSaitama on "One Punch Man" season 1 episode 13 (video screen shot)

The beloved anime superhero Saitama is returning for a second season in "One Punch Man", and we now have a glimpse of what horrors the protagonist may be facing this time around.

"One Punch Man" Season 2

Ever since the announcement of "One Punch Man" Season 2, fans have been speculating as to who the next villain is, or what the new storyline might be. The anime sequel is expected to be released early in 2017.

There have also been abundant rumors stating that "One Punch Man" Season 2 has a huge possibility of diverging from the original manga. The hit anime could also feature villains that are much more powerful, who can withstand Saitama's mighty punches.

Possible Villains and Plot

As stated in one of the reports, Lord Boros might make a comeback in the second season of "One Punch Man". His character has already been dead and defeated in the previous season. However, rumors strongly suggest that he may be resurrected and will eventually be exacting revenge on Saitama. The character of Lord Boros will become a lot more powerful, and he will be joining forces with much stronger allies. These villains will then be causing huge trouble to be faced by the Hero Association.

Inside the Hero Association, however, Saitama may be facing other heroes coming from the league. It is highly possible that Garou, the former apprentice of Amai Mask and Silver Fang, will be one of the new adversaries of Saitama in the second season of "One Punch Man". The two heroes are at the highest ranks of the Hero Association, so it is a given that defeating them will be a difficult feat.

Weakness and Power Origins

Season 2 of "One Punch Man" may not be just about the villains and battles though. There are also reports stating that the anime sequel may give the fans a glimpse of how Saitama actually acquired his abilities. As hinted before, he did not acquire his strong punches and powerful skills just from his daily workout. The real yet secret reason behind his strength may ultimately be tackled during the course of the following season of "One Punch Man".

Being perceived as an all-conquering hero, every character is bound to have a weakness. With this, "One Punch Man" Season 2 may also be featuring Saitama's Achilles heel. If this were true, then the villains of the second season may take advantage of this weakness to subsequently defeat Saitama. Also, Genos might not be able to aid him, as his former protégé will be going on his own way. However, he is seen to facing Saitama in a one-on-one combat soon.