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'Ouija 2' Plot Spoilers, Rumors: Producer Jason Blum Talks Sequel Development

'Ouija 2' Plot Spoilers, Rumors: Producer Jason Blum Talks Sequel Development

Universal Pictures' "Ouija" | YOUTUBESCREENSHOT

Executive producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse productions recently talked about his most recent horror film "Ouija." The company is responsible in producing low-budget yet stunningly successful horror-thriller franchises like "The Purge" and "Paranormal Activity."

Blum talked about a recent Ouija-themed scavenger hunting event in Hollywood, which is in line with the "Ouija" Blu-Ray release. He also spoke about his motivation to make the film.

"Well, I think an Ouija board is one of the few objects that even the people who aren't superstitious are kind of scared of," Blum said.

Blum also talked about the effect the "twenty-fold" success of the micro-budget movie in the box office would have on a purported sequel.

"I think it'll be quite a different movie. We're a ways away. We're still tinkering with the story. I want to try and find a story, like all our other sequels, where it feels like a sequel but also a lot different from the first movie," the Blumhouse Productions head revealed. "We've been pretty successful doing that with other franchises -- not every time, but we have a good track record with that, so I want to keep that up. I'm pushing the people that we're working with to try and make it as original as possible. Hopefully it will be. But not any time soon are we going to start shooting that."

With the important details like its release date, cast members, and plot line still kept under wraps, earlier reports indicated that the next installment would "hopefully" be "absolutely nothing to do with what went down in the first one," Collider wrote.

The site went on to say that the sequel should "focus more on the powers of the ouija board and the nostalgia of using one."


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