Paris Jackson Date at Movies, Teen Remembers King of Pop With Photo

Paris Jackson's date with her mystery suitor is making waves for various media outlets. The 14-year-old daughter of the late King of Pop was spotting attending a movie date just a day before the anniversary of her father's untimely death.

The Paris Jackson date involved typical teenaged fun: she and her red-haired companion- rumored to be her boyfriend- made their way to a movie theater in Calabasas, Calif. to see the Disney-Pixar collaboration "Brave." Though she was careful not to mention her date on social media, photographers snapped her heading inside.

"Brave was such a good movie .. i didn't think it would be that awesome but i loved it!!!" she wrote on Twitter.

Paris attended the movies in a checkered, loose-fitting shirt, a grey undershirt, denim jeans, and new, black Ugg boots. Her companion wore simple black jeans, a white t-shirt, red cap, and purple sneakers.

The King of Pop's daughter is a typical teenager despite the world watching her. Earlier this week, she revealed herself to be an avid Justin Bieber fan, defending the 18-year-old Canadian pop star on Twitter.

"Don't hate him cuz you ain't him … beliebers keep on beliebing cuz haters can't say nuthin

"Boyfriend, Catching Feelings, Fall, Die In Your Arms, Thought Of You, Beauty and a Beat, and One Love are my favourite songs on Believe," Jackson tweeted.

Paris celebrated her father's life and accomplishments other ways besides the movie date. In anticipation of the anniversary of the pop star's death, the 14-year-old posted a picture of her father and mother together.

"Mommy and daddy!" was the caption under the touching photo.

"I'm such a daddy's girl hahah #andproud," Jackson also posted via Twitter on June 17.