Pascual Perez, Former Yankee, Stabbed to Death in Home

Former Yankee All-Star player Pascual Perez was stabbed to death during a home invasion robbery in the Dominican Republic.

According to local reports, Pascual Perez, an All-Star Major League baseball player who played for a number of leagues, was murdered in his own home. The reports were referenced by TMZ, which stated that Perez may have been killed for money.

Perez began his baseball career in 1976 for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He began the major leagues in 1980 and was traded to the Braves in 1982, where he played his best seasons in 1983 and 1984. In 1983 he made the All-Star team. He was signed by the Yankees in 1989 but was suspended from the majors prior to the 1992 season for drug violation, officially ending his career.

Pérez was found dead in his bedroom in San Gregorio de Nigua, Dominican Republic, according to Hoy Digital, a local publication. Some speculation has surfaced that Perez was killed for his pension check, which he allegedly received just before the murder occurred.

He earned the name "Perimeter Perez" in 1982 while still playing for the Braves. He missed an August game, getting lost on I-285 while looking for the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. His career record was 67-68, going 15-8 during his best season.

Outside of the drug controversy, he was also known for pointing a finger gun at his opponents, which infuriated many, and sprinting back to the bench after the completing on an inning. His two brothers, Melido and Carlos Perez, were also MLB players.

The exact date of his murder has not been confirmed, and investigators have yet to announce whether they have any suspects.