Pat Robertson Has Growth Removed from Heart

Televangelist Pat Robertson has returned to his home in Virginia Beach, Va., after extensive surgery to his heart.

"Only the prayers of thousands of believing people kept me on this earth," the often controversial conservative stated days after coming out from a ten-hour procedure to treat his chronic heart disorder.

"As it is, I anticipate many more years of creative service in the ministry I founded (CBN), as well as Regent University and other endeavors devoted to the service of mankind," Robertson added.

According to The Christian Broadcasting Network, doctors had discovered an abnormally enlarged left appendage on Robertson's heart as they were performing a "state of the art technique" that had only been done once in the United States.

After successfully removing the 6 cm appendage, doctors pointed to the growth as the cause of Robertson's disorder, called atrial fibrillation, which affects an estimated five million Americans.

"I cannot praise enough the dedication and professionalism of Dr. Andy Kiser and his staff who removed this growth from my continuously beating heart," Robertson commented.

Earlier this year, Robertson celebrated his 79th birthday, during which the CBN Board of Directors appointed his son, Gordon Robertson, to lead CBN as its CEO.

Though Robertson has returned home, he is not expected to return to a full schedule for several more weeks.